Christina Molcillo


Santa Rosa, CA

Christina Molcillo


Work From Home? There’s an App for That!

The Silicon Valley is such a dynamic and connected place that it’s easy to take what we have for granted sometimes. I’ve been working in this area since the late 1990s, and I was faced with a relatively significant setback early last year that fundamentally changed the way I was able to work in a typical office environment.


Christina Molcillo

I'm an experienced writer with a background developing online content. This includes blogging, social media, articles, and press releases.

I'm a current member of the Society for Professional Journalists, the National Writers Union, and the Redwood Writers branch of the California Writers Club.

I also have a penchant for old cars and even older houses. Currently, I keep busy with a 1925 bungalow in beautiful Sonoma County.



  • Creative Writing
  • Design
  • Marketing Content
  • Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • Web Content
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Wordsmithing