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Spring Is Here – And So are The Pests!

Spring is here, and this means it’s time to get out in the garden and start planting for the season. You’ve probably already noticed the first sprouts starting to push through the soil, flowers starting to bloom, and fruit trees starting to bud. You’ll also start to notice a lot more activity - spider mites, broad mites, aphids, fungus gnats, whiteflies, beetles, and thrips.

Organic nutrients. What are they?

Organic nutrients have become more popular with growers in recent years. For those not familiar with them, growing with organic nutrients can seem like a daunting task; with too many moving parts to make sense of. When done correctly, growing organic can actually save you money and time when it comes to fertilizing and maintaining a healthy crop.

Benefits of Soil Microbes in Your Grow

A professional grow is not a hobby; the size of a yield correlates to the amount of money being made, and is often a livelihood. As a specialist, you’re most concerned with what can be done beyond the growing medium, fertilizer, greenhouse conditions, and pest control. The answer is always with the soil.

What is NPK?

When looking for a fertilizer to use for a new grow, or amend into soil where plants may not be growing as well as you’d like, you’ll probably notice three numbers prominently displayed on most bags. Believe it or not, these numbers represent the three major macronutrtients that all plants need to grow healthy.

Grow Potatoes Anywhere with this bag!

As with any vegetable, there are recommended methods of planting that are supposed to work best to result in a healthy and bountiful harvest. Potatoes are no exception, and for some it may seem that there’s too much space and effort needed to grow such a simple spud. The folks at GeoPot have taken many of the reasons that most growers give for why they’re unable or unwilling to plant potatoes and turned it into something a novice gardener could do with ease.

The Pot You Use Can Affect Your Plant’s Growth

Go to any gardening store and you’ll find an array of gorgeous pots of all different materials; wood, ceramic, plastic, fiberglass, or even metal. While you may find a pot that will look stunning on your back deck, consider the life of the plant. No plant can stay in a pot indefinitely – it will eventually need to be repotted into a larger pot as it grows, or it will become rootbound.

Create Nutrient Rich Soil With Geoflora

The soil you use affects how well your plants will – or won’t – grow. Whether you’re growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers it’s important to make sure you’re giving them good, nutrient-rich soil to begin with. If you’re growing outside, the first step is to identify what kind of soil you’re working with: silt, sand, or clay.

Geoflora Nutrients Instagram

geoflora.nutrients GeoFlora Nutrients are granulated and easy to use when you’re getting ready to grow for the season. Amend GeoFlora VEG into the soil for a nutrient-rich start, and top-dress with Geoflora BLOOM when it’s time to flower! GeoFlora can be used at any scale and won’t burn your plants when used as directed. So, what are you waiting for? Get growing!! #GoGranular
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Left Coast Wholesale Instagram

leftcoastwholesale @GrowthScience provides growers with a scientifically optimized line built for superior performance, simplicity, and #success without the hassle of an overwhelming number of products. Their conventional and #organic lines are formulated with the grower in mind, delivering results and a low run cost that rivals any other nutrient line available to growers today. Growth Science Nutrients are available at #LeftCoastWholesale at a discounted rate for a limited time to help you prepare for the upcoming season.
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Geoflora Nutrients Instagram

Did you know that there’s a reason for the granular form of #GeofloraNutrients? This allows for simple and even distribution of all 19 organic inputs without excessive dust and particulate entering the air.
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Geopots Tan

Tan Geopots look simple, but they do a whole lot more than you may first expect!
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Geoflora Nutrients Instagram

GeoFlora BLOOM promotes the development of fruits and flowers, has enhanced secondary metabolite production, and it’s 3-5-5 NPK formula eases your plants through the transition phase.
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