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Mid century charmer in Healdsburg listed for $769,000

This clean mid-century home in Healdsburg is a charming find – especially with a pool in the backyard. Though this part of Sonoma County is fairly temperate, the summer days can get hot, and a pool to relax in always sounds good. Since mid-century modern has been making a comeback over the past couple of years, thanks to shows like Mad Men, it’s been common to see homes like this come on the market with a lot of upgrades done to make them look even more ‘authentic.’.
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Can marijuana cure the opioid crisis?

There’s been a lot in the news about the opioid crisis in America, and the high rates of addiction these drugs – whether sold on the black market or given as painkillers – have. A recent article on NPR asked if cannabis will be able to turn the tide on addiction to opioids, and what was found is that the greatest impact on opioid overdose deaths has been seen in states where marijuana was most readily available.
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Grab your forks – Sonoma County Restaurant Week is right around the corner

March is about to be branded ‘the tastiest time of the year’ with Restaurant Week lasting for a full 10 days this year, for the first time since its debut. This extension gives diners more time to plan their restaurant visits and take advantage of exclusive, one-time offers that feature locally sourced produce, meats, seafood and herbs.
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The Wurst in Healdsburg

What we’re eating at our desk: A Detroit Polish grilled sausage with caramelized onions and sauerkraut from The Wurst on Matheson Street in Healdsburg: $6.95. Drink: Water. I’m working so I didn’t take advantage of the wide selection of local beers they had on tap, or the cans and bottles in the cooler.
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Victorian-style home in Windsor newly listed at 1.5M

Whenever I see a house described as ‘Victorian,’ I get giddy; ready to see some original lathe and plaster or marquetry on the floors. This house, however, was built in 1993 – far too new to be a Victorian - but it’s lovely nonetheless. Because it’s located in the Oak Hill Estates, a gated community, I’ll give this description a pass from a marketing perspective.
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Guerneville home in the woods listed for $499,000

Guerneville is one of my favorite ‘escapes’ in Sonoma County – close to Armstrong Woods and the Russian river, it always feels like there’s no possible way to be too stressed when surrounded by nature on all sides. Because the Russian river was historically known as a vacation destination, there are a number of cottages and cabins tucked away; some closer to the river and some deeper in the forest.
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Jazz with a taste of Brazil at Dry Creek Kitchen

Hotel Healdsburg's award-winning Dry Creek Kitchen is continuing its musical offerings through the end of February, this time adding a little bit of Brazil into the American Jazz stylings that long time customers are familiar with. “The live jazz and Brazilian music that’s part of the series brings a wonderful energy to the dining room in winter.
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The lawsuits over legal weed have just begun

The passage of prop. 64 may mean that those looking to purchase marijuana for personal use have an easier time, growers aren’t finding the transition so easy. According to The Sacramento Bee, the California Department of Food and Agriculture is being sued by a group representing small to mid-size cannabis business owners who believe that the state should prohibit large scale cultivation by big business for at least the next five years.
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The law of supply and demand already has pot businesses scrambling

The LA Times recently reported that slowdowns in supply chains have created worry among marijuana business owner that the slowdowns may get worse, and shortages may start to happen. The reason isn’t that the passage of Prop. 64 has brought too many new customers; it’s that the regulation, licenses, and push back from communities that aren’t pot-friendly are slowing the process down.
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Healdsburg on a roll toward being a more bike-friendly city

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When rainfall numbers don’t match, blame it on geography

It’s been raining in Sonoma County lately … a lot. Year to date total rainfall for Healdsburg is at 40.83 inches according to Weather Underground. But if you’ve been following the ‘Rain Totals in Healdsburg’ discussion on the neighborhood online social network Nextdoor , you know that this precipitation number is a hotly, and sometimes contentiously, debated point among locals.
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Senior pool finances on the docket at Parks and Rec meeting

The Windsor Senior Center swimming pool operations turned a profit in 2016, according to a report delivered to the Parks and Recreation Commission on Wednesday, Feb 8. The commission observed a moment of silence before roll call to honor Neil Brady, an eight-year Parks and Recreation employee who had recently died.
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