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The 3 Best Hotel Spas in Wine Country

The holidays are a special time of year, but they can also get pretty stressful. Shopping, decorating, entertaining – all while trying to stay on top of regular household chores and working full time – can easily get overwhelming. To help you hit the reset button post-holidays, we’ve rounded up three local luxury spa hotels.

Where to Go Glamping in Sonoma County

Camping always sounds like a good idea – until you get to the site and try to set up your tent on ground that’s harder than concrete, you realize you forgot your sleeping bag and, after a ten-mile hike, you really want a shower. If you’d like to add a little luxury to your next outdoor adventure, here are three “glamping” (glamorous camping) destinations in Sonoma County that will do the trick:

Top 3 Vacation Getaways In The Sonoma Woods

Modern life can get pretty hectic. With all the stress and noise we deal with on a daily basis, an escape from it all is just what we need when we go on vacation. Get a break from all your calendar alerts, text messages and commuting woes, by spending a week in the Sonoma County woods – here are three forest getaways by the Russian River that will inspire some serious joie de vivre:

Top 3 Hotels in Sonoma County For An Epic Guys Getaway

It’s not just the ladies who enjoy a getaway weekend with their friends – guys do, too. Whether it’s reconnecting with college comrades, buddies who’ve moved, or celebrating a milestone like a promotion or engagement, it’s always a treat to get together with those who know you best. Here are three hotels in Sonoma County to book when it’s time to catch up:

Girlfriend Getaway: Top 3 Places To Stay in Sonoma County

Hectic at work and non-stop at home? It’s time to pencil in a weekend with your besties. These 3 Sonoma County hotels have everything you need for a girls getaway. Pair your stay with winery visits, farm-to-fork cuisine, serene spas and serious shopping and your ladies retreat will be one for the books.

Keep the Spark Alive: 4 Romantic Boutique Hotels In Sonoma County

Calling all lovebirds: These Sonoma County boutique hotels offer a mix of ambiance and amenities that is sure to keep that spark alive. Pair your stay with heart-pounding hikes, gourmet breakfasts in bed, and invigorating massages, and you’re in for the real romantic deal. Despite its popularity, Vintners Inn retains the kind of hideaway-feel that an enchanting escapade needs; curl up side-by-side while sipping a Ferrari-Carrano cabernet (produced by owner-couple Don and Rhonda Carrano) and you’ll feel far from the madding crowd.

6 Family Friendly Hotels in Sonoma County

When my husband and I were first married, taking off for a spur of the moment weekend trip wasn’t a problem – we just went. But then we had kids, and things got complicated. Now, I know couples who have no issue taking their newborn with them wherever they go; smiling through the constant diaper changes and feedings – but my husband and I were never those kind of parents…not even close.

Stay in a Tree in Sonoma County

With miles of beautiful redwood forests, there are plenty of camping spots in Sonoma County that make for fantastic weekend getaways for fans of foliage. But you don’t have to settle for a tent in the woods. For an overnight experience – high above the hard ground – check out these custom treehouses, available for rent:

Backyard to Table: 6 Edibles To Plant for Fall

It’s the first day of fall, and I’m already noticing some of my summer plants going dormant. My cucumbers, eggplants, and okra are on their final stretch – and although my tomatoes are still looking healthy, I know they won’t last much longer. It’s time to plant vegetables that will thrive as the temperatures begin to drop.

5 Flowering Perennials That Add Year-Round Color To Your Backyard

Perennials are a great choice when planting a palette that you can rely on seeing again next year. They are also portable enough that you can dig them up for repositioning in your garden, if you desire some change. Just make sure to plant them in good soil, because they’ll be growing in it for awhile.

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Create a Relaxing Zen Space in Your Backyard


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