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Ways to keep your mobility as you age

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4.7M Healdsburg estate showcases stunning valley views

There’s been a lot of worry about the housing market after the recent fires; it’s going to be a long journey to rebuild the neighborhoods that have been lost. Living in Santa Rosa, close to where some of the worst damage is, I’ve heard reactions from my neighbors that run the gamut from ‘we’ll rebuild’ to ‘we’re going to leave.’.

The holidays are almost here, don’t suffer from caregiver burnout

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9 houses currently listed for sale in Santa Rosa under $600,000

As the North Bay begins to rebuild after the fires, one of the biggest concerns ia the availability of housing. An already tight supply of housing has been unexpectedly strained by homebuyers who probably never expected to be back in the market at this time. While many may choose to rent as they rebuild, there are others who may decide that they prefer to invest in a different house, while there are still first-time homebuyers who are searching.

Morning coffee: more important than you think

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What you can get for $500,000 or less in Sonoma County right now

Fall is officially here, and what some homebuyers may not know is that this is actually one of the best times of year to go house hunting. According to a market analysis by RealtyTrac of more than 32 million home sales over 15 years and found that in October, homebuyers paid 2.6% below estimated market value for their homes (at the time of listing).

2.1M estate in Sebastopol has 3 homes and a party barn

Sebastopol is a growing town where homebuyers can find an eclectic mix of new houses or condos, older bungalows, and original agricultural homesteads that include extras like reclaimed barns. One of the fun things about the barns is that they can be updated to be used in a different way while still retaining their rustic exterior.

The kids are okay: study finds that teens aren’t that interested in weed right now

A common refrain from those opposed to legalizing marijuana is that teenagers will begin to abuse it since it will be easy to get once adult-use kicks in. However, a recent report by SAMHSA – the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – found that the opposite is true. Kids aren’t that interested in it, and their statistics show that young people between 12 to 17 years old have had lower reported marijuana use in 2016 than compared to the years between 2009 through 2014.

Buckle up and put your pipe away: smoking pot while driving now illegal in CA

With the stigma around weed lessening by the day, and marijuana gaining recognition as a legitimate medication to help with a variety of illnesses, some people have taken this to be a pass to ‘medicate’ wherever they are – even if they’re in a car. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, California Gov.

6 homes currently listed in Sebastopol at $650,000 and under

Sebastopol has an agricultural history that’s as diverse as Luther Burbank’s Experiment Farm from the 1880s, to 5.5 million dollar homes with private lakes and room to plant anything from fruit orchards to vineyards. Add a short drive to the Russian River along with Sonoma County’s temperate weather and it’s no surprise that it’s become one of the more sought-after destinations for tourists and homebuyers alike.

Stunning Sebastopol estate with private lake, golf course, and guest house listed at 5.5M

When someone asks if you’d like to go see a house in ‘rural’ Sonoma County, you may decline the invitation because you don’t want to see cows, chicken coops, or a barn. However, this estate in Sonoma County proves that these preconceived notions can be totally, absolutely, wrong. This sprawling Sebastopol estate covers over 25 acres, has two residences, a private lake, hobby golf course, a tennis court, and a chicken coop.

6 Homes Within Walking Distance To SMART Train Stations

After what seemed like an endless wait, the SMART train is running and ready to welcome commuters on board to relax as they travel to work, instead of fighting the morning (and afternoon) freeway traffic. In the first week of paid ridership, the SMART train had up to 2,900 riders each day, which means more people may be looking to change the way they commute.


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