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What is Permanent Makeup?


Your Mom Won’t Hate This Tattoo! The Benefits Of 3D Areola Medical Tattooing For Breast Cancer Survivors

Bay Area doctors have recently taken notice of a special type of tattooing; the 3D areola tattooing Jill Hoyer has done for breast reconstructions patients has drawn attention from doctors and patients alike. A physician at a local Kaiser was so impressed that his interest led to a partnership between Timeless Skin Spa and San Jose Kaiser Medical Group.

Timeless Skin Spa Announces a New Affiliation With Local Kaiser Permanente - Benefitting Breast Cancer Patients

A new agreement, between Timeless Skin Spa and San Jose Kaiser Medical Group, approves areola tattooing post breast cancer reconstruction. The procedure is a covered benefit by the patient’s Kaiser Insurance. The breast work is the most gratifying aspect of tattooing and really compliments the permanent makeup as many breast clients become brow clients- due to hair loss from Chemo and the medications.

Pregnant? Now’s NOT The Time For Permanent Cosmetics

Why: You won’t forgive yourself if your baby gets sick, cries wrong, gets colic the day after your tattoo, gets gas or whatever reason! Truth is, we just don’t know how much of anything enters our system. Some doctors say we shouldn’t use topical such as Retina -A or glycolic creams…much less a tattoo.

Five Important Facts About Permanent Makeup

If you’ve been considering permanent makeup, I’m sure you’ve been doing your research and have found a variety of spas and beauty salons that offer a range of options, at wildly varying price points. I’ve had my eyebrows and lips done, both procedures by two different artists, and can say there’s definitely a difference.

Helen’s Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup is both a medical and aesthetic procedure. But for some women, it crosses both spectrums. They may get a procedure, such as their eyebrows done, in order to them a boost of self-esteem. This feeling of looking your best with little effort in the morning goes way beyond just looking good, the health benefits to feeling good about yourself can’t be overlooked!

Rachel’s Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup is often thought of as an aesthetic procedure, but in truth it’s often a medical one as well. Some medical procedures such as breast cancer reconstruction, facelift scars, accident scars, and hairline scars can be covered or camouflaged by a highly skilled restorative tattoo artist aka: permanent cosmetics artist.

Aging Gracefully Is Easy With Topical Vitamin C

You care about your skin and it shows! You have a regimen; you wear sunscreen, get facials, and you’re staying nice and hydrated in the summer heat. But as we age, and we all do, you may want to start considering other weapons to add to your arsenal in the real fight against premature wrinkles and dull skin.

It’s Summer! No Matter How Hot It Gets, Our Permanent Makeup Won’t Smear Away!

Here at Timeless Skin Spa we want to help you get ready to celebrate the summer by taking care of your skin, and taking care of yourself! One of the most important things you can start with is a good titanium and or zinc based sunscreen to protect your skin and your permanent eyebrows from the harmful effects of the sun.


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