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Activity Trackers are so Yesterday, Mindfulness is the New Hot Thing

FitBit debuted on September 9, 2008 at the TechCrunch50, to rave reviews. Now in 2016, it’s gone through almost a dozen iterations and can still be seen on the wrists, or in the pockets of techies throughout the Bay Area. But is it slowing down in popularity? Are people getting tired of keeping track of every single step they take?

3 of The Greatest Dessert Mash-ups That are Easy to Make

In the Bay Area, fusion food is a big thing. There’s sushi burritos, ramen hamburgers, and Indian pizza. It makes sense, in the Bay Area we have phones that are computers, and cars that run on batteries – our food should follow suit! But while most of us are drooling over Bao Burgers and tacos filled with Kung Pao chicken, it’s important that we don’t forget the most important part of any meal…dessert!

Can’t Drive Your Kid to School Today? Let Mercedes Do it for You

Silicon Valley is home to the tech elite; innovators who’ve shaped the way we all use and notice technology in our everyday lives. This means that there are a lot of people who are working very hard to make a whole lot of money. Having this workload means that sometimes the rich need help with daily chores, even the little things like getting the kids to school on time.

When is a Salad Not a Salad? When it’s a Bowl

Silicon Valley is famous for innovation. Here’s where Steve Jobs founded Apple, where Google set up shop, and it’s the home of Facebook. When it comes to trends, the Bay Area prides itself on being ‘first’ for everything…including the latest food trends! But I have to call the latest one out as a weak way to try to make a salad about $15 more than it needs to be: ‘Health Bowls’.

3 Ways Techies are Making Getting Dressed the Least Stressful Part of the Day

Silicon Valley is unique in that while we’re home to some of the most brilliant tech minds in the world, getting dressed for work doesn’t go much further than a pair of jeans and a hoodie. I mean, really, if you’re already making millions of dollars, why bother with the fussiness of a three-piece suit?

The New Trend in Delis? Skip the Meat and Grab the Tofu!

It’s no secret that here in the Silicon Valley, we’re really, really into food: the healthier the better! It’s no wonder, then, that you can find any number of vegetarian restaurants anywhere between San Jose to San Francisco, in whatever taste you’re craving. There’s Garden Fresh Chinese vegan in Mountain View, Veggie Grill American style vegetarian, Yam Leaf Bistro for your Pan-Latin cravings, and numerous Chaat Cafés when you have a yearning for Indian.

Tiny Houses: Great for Hipsters and Techies but Bad for the Homeless?

For the past five years, tiny houses have been the darlings of the well-to-do hipsters and the tech elite of the Silicon Valley. These adorable houses were seen as part of a growing movement that promoted sustainable living, fostered community with other like-minded individuals, and otherwise became a bohemian daydream that anyone could be a part of.

3 Childhood Favorites Re-Tooled for Commuting Adults in the Bay Area

I’m not sure if it’s Google’s fault or the entire tech industry in the Bay Area, but I’ve noticed a lot of adults doing the best they can to not ‘adult.’. They have the working stuff down, easy, but when it comes to breaking out of the 9-5 humdrum, these adults are pros at channeling their inner child when it comes to making their commute fun.

3 Great Rainy Day Lunch Ideas to Warm You Up During El Niño!

It’s finally happened, Bay Area! That rainy, windy El Niño that we’d all but written off as ‘not-gonna-happen’ has finally graced the SF Bay…kind of. Truthfully it’s more like Winter has returned to normal after four years of some of the driest weather ever, so we’ll go ahead and nod in agreement – if this storm system wants to be called El Niño, so be it!

Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover and Don’t Judge an Egg by It’s Color!

Have you ever noticed that the eggs advertised as ‘free range’ or ‘organic’ are always about a dollar more expensive, and generally brown? The appearance of these eggs on the shelf have unwittingly led to a mistaken belief that all organic, or free range eggs are brown by default, and if anyone tries to tell you that a plain white egg is organic and they’re just trying to pull a fast one.

Accesorize Your 2016 Ford Mustang and Keep Looking Good in L.A.!– Los Angeles, CA

Let’s be up-front about L.A. – it’s a land in and of itself, everybody looks like a movie star, YOU definitely look like a movie star, and everything in this town looks like unicorns and pixie dust! And here you come in a 2016 Ford Mustang all 300 to 435 HP, Up to 22 city / 31 highway in gas mileage, and possibly a 5.0 L V8 to boot!

Jars Aren’t Just For Canning – Mason Jar Meals are Healthy, Delicious, and Easy To Make!

The Silicon Valley is great, right? First of all, it’s California, so the weather is beautiful year round; the tech is cutting edge and start-ups are plentiful; and, you’re totally encouraged to work as long into the night as you need to get that last project shipped! Seriously, we’re all busy here, and we love it, but it would just be nice to be able to have a fresh meal whenever and wherever you wanted it on those days that you’re too tired to get the pots and pans out, right?


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